Let's get this show on the road as Yellen prepares to jump in at the deep end

Author: Ryan Littlestone | Category: Central Banks

It's here! FOMC is just hours away

Sub-prime collapse, Lehman blow-up, banks in the gutter, billions in QE, taper tantrums, unstoppable stock runs, change of Fed heads, interest rates close to zero, carnage in markets, destruction strewn across the globe, has all led to this very point....The new Star Wars film ;-)

But seriously, today is the day that Yellen and the Fed finally make the jump into the unknown by hiking rates....probably

H/T @victorleonardib

The market is ready, ForexLive is ready, you'd better be ready. If they don't hike then Mr Poo will be paying a visit to Mr Fan, and we'll have fireworks across the markets

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