OECD says it may be premature for BOJ to focus on details of exit strategy (YA THINK???)

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: Central Banks

Latest from the Organisation for Stating the Bleeding Obvious Economic Co-operation and Development

  • May be premature for BOJ to focus on details of exit strategy
Thanks very much indeed for that insight.

(Oh Gawd, there's) More:
  • Essential to maintain JGB market liquidity
  • BOJ's ETF purchases may lead to over-valuation of some stocks
  • BOJ's ETF purchases are eroding market discipline by rewarding companies simply for being in a major index
  • BOJ should remain focused on 2% price target despite concerns over policy
  • Govt measures to offset blow from 2019 sales tax hike to have limited effect on demand
  • Multiple sales tax rates to soften impact of tax hike not effective because high-income households will benefit more
  • Japan should rely primarily on sales tax to boost revenue … should raise to between 20-26% to achieve sufficient primary surplus

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on BOJ

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