You can a preview of the Reserve Bank of Australia meeting today (Tuesday 2 July 2019) here (OK, more than one!)

And, this on AUD:

More previews thoughts, and on the AUd from INg:

  • We believe that, on the day, the balance of risks for the AUD appears skewed to the upside, considering that the markets may have overstated (78%) the probability of a rate cut at this meeting
  • Furthermore, the persistent market's short positioning on the AUD suggests a higher potential for upside pressure as positions are squared

Further out (bolding mine):

  • In the longer term, external factors will likely be the predominant drivers of AUD/USD and the lack of a clear resolution in the US-China trade tensions suggests that a re-escalation is still possible.
  • A cut in July or August by the RBA may, therefore, have a limited impact on the long-term AUD outlook. As long as the central bank maintains its easing bias, the upside potential for AUD will likely be limited, leaving it to trade-related news to move the market.