For the Australian dollar traders … Coming to you live, all the way from Melbourne, Australia, its Glenn Stevens of The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)!

Here’s what the promoter has to say about today’s gig:

  • Remarks and panel participation by Glenn Stevens, Governor, to the Melbourne Economic Forum, Melbourne

Start time is 0030GMT 0230GMT

I’ll be on the lookout for comments on the Australian dollar, which has moved lower in recent weeks – Stevens may even crack a smile about this, he’s been waiting for it for a while.

Also, watch for remarks on the Australian housing market and what, if anything, the RBA is thinking of doing about the price gains. Yesterday’s RBA Financial Stability Review mentioned that the housing market was becoming ‘unbalanced’ (it noted the surge in investor activity specifically), and that the RBA is ‘discussing steps with regulators’.

While in Melbourne, Stevens might very well catch up with Will Sparks: