A subplot in today's FOMC press conference are the 2012 leak investigations

Republican leaders of the House Financial Services Committee raised the stakes today in their criticism of the Fed. A letter from Hensarling was released and accuses the Fed of 'willful obstruction' of a probe into the source of the leaks. He said the Fed had no legal basis to withhold letters from Congress.

""The Fed's refusal to comply with the committee's subpoena constitutes willful obstruction of this committee's lawful investigation," he wrote.

Yellen only offered partial compliance in the probe and it's been revealed that she met with the author of the report that used the leaked information. Also today, the Medley report that sparked the probe has appeared online. You can read it here.

Yellen is fighting a losing battle because Hensarling (and Congress) won't drop this. You have to wonder who the Fed is trying to protect.