Reuters with a recap of remarks Thursday from San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams

  • "We always have uncertainty when we are making monetary policy"
  • "It's not just about fiscal policy, the new administration, the new Congress. Obviously there are a lot of questions about what those policies will be and what that means for the economy, and we are focused on that."

But there are plenty of unknowns about the global economic environment and commodity prices ... What is different ... is that the unknowns appear to be relatively balanced, with surprises just as likely to be positive for the economy as negative:

  • "I, and most of my colleagues, view today's uncertainty as kind of the same, broadly the same as what we've experienced throughout our careers"

The Reuters report is here


I pretty much agree with Williams. Life is uncertain.

The best, maybe the only consistently reliable, strategy to deal with the uncertainties remains to eat dessert first. You just never know, right?