Or chairwoman or chairperson, whatever floats your politically correct boat. Aside from the prestige and sense of duty, the fame and the glamour (??) The one thing you do lose out on is the moolah. Janet Yellen will be taking a paycut of around $168k to take up the hot seat according to Moneynews.com.

According to the Fed’s annual reports she takes $367k in San Fransisco which is $50k behind the highest paid Fed president, William Dudley in New York. My mate James Bullard only takes a paltry $281k (looks like I’m getting the bar tab should we ever meet).

The central bank money-go-round is surprisingly different around the globe. The BOJ pay their top man, Haruhiko Kuroda $230k while Super Mario banks over $500k. The UK has been bent over by shelling out $750k for H.R.C ( His Royal Carneyness).

No doubt taking such a prominent position is worth more than money, and going by Alan Greenspan you can milk the cash cow for a long time after.

Do you think the central bank heads are worth their beans?

What prize job would cause you to give up a paycheque?


It’s all about the wimmin innit!

Full story from Moneynews here.