Mr Draghi earnt €378,240 in 2013 vs €374,124 in 2012 as the ECB release their annual comings and goings for 2013.

  • Exec boards salaries were €1.79m in 2013 vs €1.61m in 2012 ( A nice inflation busting 11% increase on the year)
  • Staff costs were €241m vs €221m prior
  • Risk provison account now at the ceiling of €7.53bn
  • Earned €962m net interest income on SMP bonds
  • Had net profit of €1.44bn in 2013 vs €995m in 2012

Main highlights from the bond holdings in the SMP are;

  • €9.2bn in Irish debt
  • €19.0bn Portuguese
  • €86.8bn Italy
  • €38.4bn Spain
  • €25.4bn Greece

Remember that the SMP was stopped in September and the OMT took over which has not been used as yet.