The US Congress is voting on Saturday:

China releases trade data for last month:


And, East Asia-Pacific Central Banks are meeting:

  • EMEAP, the Executives’ Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks, is a cooperative organization of central banks and monetary authorities (hereinafter simply referred to as central banks) in the East Asia and Pacific region.
  • Its primary objective is to strengthen the cooperative relationship among its members.
  • It comprises the central banks of eleven economies: Reserve Bank of Australia, People’s Bank of China, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Bank Indonesia, Bank of Japan, Bank of Korea, Bank Negara Malaysia, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Bank of Thailand


The participants are expected to discuss the impact that global monetary tightening could have on regional capital flows and foreign exchange rates during the first in-person EMEAP meetings in three years.

It could be a very active Monday morning. ForexLive kicks off coverage prior to New Zealand markets opening, the dawn of the new week! Liquidity is appallingly bad at that time of the week, each and every week - which can contribute to extended moves. Join us then!

asia central banks 05 August 2022

Bank of Korea (BOK) will host the meetings, Sunday - Tuesday.

  • EMEAP was founded in 1991