The Reserve Bank of Australia meet, Tuesday, 7 March 2023, with its statement due at 2.30pm Sydney time

  • 0330 GMT, which is 10.30 pm US Eastern time

The Bank will hike its cash rate again, by 25bp. Its way behind the inflation rate ( we get another monthly CPI indication in the data due today)

rba cash rate cpi 03 March 2023

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Shadow Board is recommending a +25bp cash rate rise. This is analyst consensus.

The Shadow Board is a group of economic experts who meet each month

  • comprised of a panel of nine members, including economists, academics, and industry
  • Board members make their recommendations based on their analysis of key economic indicators, such as inflation, employment, and economic growth, as well as global economic trends
  • the Shadow Board members provide provide their opinions on the appropriate level of the RBA's cash rate target, as well as the probability of a rate change in the near future
  • published on the website of the Australian National University's Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
rba shadow board