On the BoE talking head circuit for Thursday, 29 September 2022:

  • 1130 GMT Dave Ramsden, deputy governor for Markets and Banking at BOE, participates as a panellist at the Joint conference with the Bank of Lithuania and Bank for International Settlements

This one .... Hauser's topic has been usurped by a massive QE round from the Bank of England on Wednesday to rescue to imploding Gilt market:

  • 1200 GMT Andrew Hauser, executive director for Banking, Payments and Financial Resilience at BOE, delivers a speech at the Market News International Connect event 'Running down the hill: managing QE unwind’ (ADDED - I have heard this speech has been cancelled. That's a shame).

JP Morgan on the emergency BoE move:

  • the optics of QE may look odd .. just one week after it began QT asset sales
  • However, it is important to draw a distinction between QE as monetary policy and QE as emergency support
  • Today’s BoE actions are very much the latter


  • 1300 GMT Bank of England policy maker Silvana Tenreyro participates as a panellist at the Centre for Economic Policy Research WE ARE IN 2022 Conference: Women in Economics: Advancing research in economics internationally 'Inflation is Back: Why and What Next?'

GBP overnight bounced on the BoE move:

boe gbp rescue 29 September 2022