The Bank of Japan monetary policy meeting is on Thursday and Friday this week. The 15th and 16th of June.

The statement will be Friday, most likely in the 0230 to 0330 GMT time window (there is no firmly scheduled time or the BOJ announcement). This is from 10.30 to 11.30pm Thursday US Eastern time.

Bank of Japan Governor Ueda will conduct the regular post-meeting news conference at 0630 GMT (0230 US Eastern time Friday)

Reuters have posted its preview, citing unnamed sources for what is expected:

  • BOJ is likely to maintain its -0.1% short-term interest rate target and a 0% cap on the 10-year bond yield set under its yield curve control (YCC) policy
  • to make no tweaks to yield control policy
  • to maintain forecast of moderate economic recover0
  • the Bank may well lay the groundwork for an upgrade in price forecasts at its July meeting


  • Ueda told parliament on Friday that corporate price-setting behaviour was showing changes that could work to push up inflation more than expected.
  • "Consumption appears to be holding up and underpinning the economy," said one source familiar with the BOJ's thinking. "But the BOJ must support the economy to ensure recent positive signs are sustained, and help Japan sustainably achieve 2% inflation," the source said, a view echoed by two more sources.
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