Boston Fed president Susan Collin (nonvoting member) at a Fed Listens event on COVID, is on the wires saying:

Since she is speaking on Covid and presumably it's a story and impact in the rearview mirror, we may not get much more, but will be looking for other comments on the economy or monetary policy.

On May 25th, Fed's Collins expressed the view that a pause on rate action would give the Federal Reserve

room to measure the impact of previous actions. Collins suggested that the Fed may be at or near the time to pause rate hikes, noting that while inflation remains too high, there are promising signs of moderation. Collins emphasized the importance of making policy decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of available information.

In the Q&A on that day, Collins stated that the baseline outlook does not anticipate a significant economic downturn, but mentioned that a modest increase in unemployment would not be surprising. Additionally, Collins acknowledged that the decline in inflation has been slower than expected. This perspective adds some pushback from the more dovish stance within the Fed, revealing a clear divide regarding future rate hikes.