The Bank of Japan statement is due on Thursday, 22 September 2022. there is no firmly scheduled time for the release but 0230 to 0330 GMT is a good bet.

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Goldman Sachs discusses its expectations for this week's BoJ policy meeting.

  • "We expect the BOJ to maintain the status quo across all monetary policy parameters — yield curve control (YCC), asset purchase programs, and forward guidance (with respect to policy rates) — at its September 21-22 monetary policy meeting (MPM),"
  • "We also expect the BOJ to confirm that the repeatedly extended special COVID-19 financing program will be wound down at the end of September, as scheduled," GS adds.


USD/JPY is going to keep threatening the topside as the policy divergence between the Federal Reserve (and others) and the Bank of Japan widens.

usdyen weekly 20 September 2022