Says the article:

  • Bank of Japan policymakers are debating how soon they can start telegraphing an eventual interest rate hike, which could come even before inflation hits the bank's 2% target, sources say, emboldened by broadening price rises and a more hawkish Federal Reserve.
  • While an actual rate hike is hardly imminent and the BOJ is on course to maintain ultra-loose policy at least for the rest of this year, financial markets may be under-estimating its readiness to gradually phase out its once-radical stimulus programme.

Note well that second point ... an actual rate hike is hardly imminent.

Still, an interesting read even if any shift in policy like this is a LONG way off.

USD/JPY has lost ground today. As has AUD/USD, which means AUD/JPY is very soft:

audyen chart 14 January 2022