I noted earlier that Waller's events was cancelled, but that we did get his (hawkish) prepared remarks up on site:


While we got Waller's prepared remarks the Q&A that was scheduled didn't proceed.

The Federal Reserve said the plug was pulled on the event due to 'technical difficulties', which is sorta true. Via Reuters comes a better explanation:

  • A virtual event with Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller was cancelled on Thursday after the Zoom videoconference was "hijacked" by a participant who displayed pornographic images
  • A few minutes before the event was to start, one participant using the screen name "Dan" began displaying graphic, pornographic images, according to a Reuters reporter on the call.
  • The decision to cancel was made in consultation with the Fed.

I don't know how these events are usually set up but this appears to be a problem:

  • Microphones and video were not muted by the organizer upon joining.


In case you were wondering "Where's Waller?", now you know