European Central Bank Governing Council member Gediminas Simkus is Lithuania's central bank governor.

He spoke in an interview in Vilnius.

  • “Core inflation remains strong and demonstrates that the fight against inflation is not over”
  • “There’s a strong case for staying on the course that’s been set for the coming meetings of 50 basis-point increases. In my opinion, these 50 basis-point increases must be taken unequivocally.”
  • “Pressures in wage growth are increasing — I expect wage increases to exceed historical averages in the euro area"
  • “It’s something that’s happening and something we need to take into account because it affects core inflation.”

Simkus joins many of his colleagues beating the hawkish drum.

His boss. European Central Bank President Lagarde spoke Monday, cranking out the hawkish message:

Other Gverning COuncil members with the same message:

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