Japan's fin min rolling out the commentary again, making a point that the Bank of Japan is not a branch of the government and is not there to fund government spending. Suzuki's response comes after former Prime Minister Abe, earlier this week, described the BOJ as a government subsidiary that can fund government spending without limit.


  • G7 likely to discuss global economic challenges caused by russia's invasion of ukraine
  • BOJ holds jurisdiction over monetary policy, management of its operations
  • BOJ is not government's subsidiary
  • BOJ is buying govt bonds as part of its monetary policy effort to achieve price target
  • BOJ holdings of govt bonds could fluctuate sharply depending on monetary policy decisions at the time
  • inappropriate to conduct fiscal policy on the assumption BOJ will continue to buy bonds indefinitely

Dunno what Abe is playing at, maybe he was just in an obstreperous mood?

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