If you want to get under Jamie Dimon's skin, do this.

What really bugs the CEO of one of the worlds biggest banks?

When you are the CEO and Chairman of one of the largest banks in the world, you get asked a lot of questions.   People also listen to what you have to say. If you say the wrong thing, it might haunt you.  

For Jaime Dimon, his history of comments on bitcoin is probably a topic he wished he never weighed in on.   

Marketwatch reported yesterday, that Dimon, speaking at a Axios conference in LA on Tuesday, was asked to weigh in on bitcoin.  

In the article, they report that back in January 2014, Dimon said, 
"Bitcoin was a terrible store of value". 

Then in January 2016, he said 
"Bitcoin is going nowhere" (Bitcoin was in the $100s at the time). 

In September 2017, he upped the ante by saying 
"Bitcoin is a fraud" when the digital currency was approaching $5000.  

A month later he said, 
"I'm not going to talk about bitcoin anymore" (price was around $5500).

In January 2018 with the price at around $15,000, he commented that 
"I regret making that comment" (about being a fraud).  

This week, he finally cut to the chase by stating:

Sometimes, it does not pay to comment about everything. I get the feeling Jamie Dimons patience on bitcoin is wearing a bit thin.  

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