After COVID — Pandemic failures are the new stock market winners

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A look at what stocks are making waves a year after the pandemic

When WHO declared the Coronavirus-induced disease as a pandemic, many stocks were being sold off. Since the vaccine rollouts are in the picture, with huge countries like India beginning their inoculation during the month of January, the market sees a flip these days. 

Rebounds in the hardest crashed divisions during the initial time span of the crisis have eased equity benchmarks worldwide rise to never seen before highs. The real estate market of the United States is one of those markets which have shown more than strong signs of a rebound. 

The portfolio manager of PineBridge Investments, Hani Redha, said that there's immense opportunity in such lags relating to cruise operators, hotels and airline stocks.  

The investors are looking back at the stocks they were trading with the last year. This can be seen as many stocks that performed relatively well last year have now plummeted. 

The likes of Germany's Delivery Hero SE and zoom, a video communication service, rose as the pandemic grabbed grip and transformed the way humans saw life as we know it, soon toppled as time grew.

The price of the stocks, which were the front runners in witnessing the pandemic, naturally depends on the infection rate and the efficacy of different vaccine approved by the nations in their respective countries. Given below is a rough estimate of the price fluctuation, divided by sector-based differentiation.

Stay Home Stocks:

The previous year's most prominent trading assets have lost their charm since investors are now hooked to the stocks that are cheaper and have a goliath possibility of growth in various sectors of the industry. The stocks of companies that provided the users with entertainment while they were locked in, such as the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, to name a few, have plunged since October ended. 

Wall Street analysts have not paid much attention to zoom because it has been trading at more than 25% higher than its previous year's peak. On the other hand, the stocks of companies like Amazon have been showing a flat-line chart since the fall last year. There is also a prediction of an upsurge in sales from the analysts. 

Europe sees a similar situation where the stocks of leading online food delivery companies see a downfall. The giants like Delivery Hero have seen f drops of more than 15% since the year began. A similar anomaly is seen in the stocks of the gaming industry goliaths in the UK. Their prices have fallen beyond the math conducted by analysts. 

This is, however, not the case with every stock. Online payments firms are seeing an upsurge, with Ayden NV witnessing an uptrend of more than 150% since the past year, and casino services that allow people to play poker online have also flourished. Evolution gaming group, for example, has tripled its revenue since last year. It also shows clear signs of maintaining the same trend in the current fiscal year.  


Investors speculate that online shoppers' greater interest will survive the pandemic, including retail giants like eBay, which is a completely digital online firm. These firms are expected to outperform their counterparts swiftly. 

Department stores like Kohl's Corp. and apparel retailers like Urban Outfitters Inc. have the opportunity to recover some market portion lost to e-commerce as shop based traffic begins to improve next year. Both firms stocks have grown more than 18% this year, exceeding the S&P 500 Index. At the same time, apparel designing firms like H&M have raised to more than 9% to trade at a coming one year high.

There were companies that had to shut their physically present showrooms since the pandemic hit. People were more inclined to online shopping. A lot of experts, however, now believe that these stocks will see a rise as the restrictions ease off in the coming months. 

Travel and Leisure:

The leisure and travel division is on the tracks of a comeback, but several groups like movie theatre chains and airlines remain well under levels that were present before the virus hit the world.

Live Nation Entertainment has come out as an underdog in the performance during the pandemic, which earned higher than 80% after October ended and is at an all-time high.  Investors bet that restricted demand will begin to flood in profit and revenue, though some interpreters have advised that judgments could be a lot more frivolous.

Since Europe opened its borders and eased off with restrictions, airlines and hotel lines' stock prices had made up for what they lost when the world went into a lockdown. 

Analysts from firms like Morgan Stanley have raised their standards in terms of price targets. Each of such firms has started doing data centre stocks' price a business this year.

Real Estate:

In the United States of America, The price of data centre stocks was at an all-time high as people were demanding them in huge volumes. The scene has taken a 180-degree turn in recent months since the investors are keener in investing in stocks that have already seen the ground as the REIT stock.

Real estate investors that are specific to shopping mall spaces like Kimco Realty corp have made a decent profit of more than 60% since 2020.

The Europe market still poses a challenge. Critics said recent events from commercial real estate companies, who seem to own the largest piece of land in all of Europe, had nothing that could attract investors. 

It received no profits. Huge market analysts have recently stated that the latest lockdown actions hitting more than 55% of its shops would proceed to smash its inflow of cash this year. However, they intimated that buyers would have a lesser restriction in March. In comparison. Both the stocks have continued their 2020 slumps in the current fiscal year.

Office owners have undergone, as their premises stand empty. However, rent collection-number has kept up strong compared to the retail-focused companions. There continues an expectation amongst interpreters that shares like Convivio SA and Alstria Office REIT will bounce when markets recover. However, that does not eliminate the existential warning set by a higher dimension of people operating from home. It's like developers with latest buildings adjusted to meet changing employers and employee needs will increase.


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