altFINS has launched its native currency, $AFINS

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The launch of $AFINS

The launch of $AFINS

altFINS is launching $AFINS tokens to reward and stimulate the adoption of the altFINS platform. It is part of altFINS' mission to expand the platform, add new features and scalability to elevate altFINS to the next level.

Since its launch in August 2020, the platform has grown tremendously with a community of tens of thousands of members, which validates its value proposition. The altFINS user base in 2Q-2021 reached over 130,000, up by 300% compared to 1Q-2021. In addition, the platform has attracted users from all parts of the world, showing its global appeal.

Details about the AFINS token sale (both private and public sale) will be announced soon. In the meantime, altFINS plans to expand and enhance the platform in four key areas: 

  • Analytics - Expand the list of technical indicators, signals, and patterns.
  • Marketplace - Integrate third-party data sources, such as social media sentiment, fundamental data, research, and more.
  • Trading & Portfolio - Expand exchange and wallet integrations, portfolio, P&L, advanced trading order types, and algo trading.
  • Mobile - Launch a lite mobile app with patterns, curated charts, alerts, and news.

The vision of the company is to bring efficiency into the investment process in the digital assets space by covering the entire workflow, from:

  • pre-trade analysis (investment idea generation, technical indicators, fundamental data, screening, charting, alerts, news, research); to
  • trade execution across exchanges; and
  • post-trade analysis (asset tracking, P&L, NAV, risk analysis, etc.).

$AFINS token

The AFINS utility token is the backbone of the altFINS ecosystem. $AFINS is designed to reward the altFINS community and recognize them for their loyalty while creating new opportunities for engagement on the altFINS platform.

AFINS powers the altFINS economy as a currency to pay for altFINS platform subscriptions and for third party content on the platform. It is a multi-faceted token incentivizing holders through exclusive rewards, discounts, and other valuable opportunities on the altFINS platform. 

AFINS token holders will get priority access to new platform features including automated trading algos, education webinars, on-chain analytics, etc. They also receive discounts on subscriptions and can earn rewards for using, learning, promoting and contributing to the altFINS platform. 

AFINS Flywheel Effect 

altFINS values its community and has therefore created $AFINS tokens to reward and stimulate the adoption of the altFINS platform.  By rewarding our community for their use and contribution to the platform, the awareness and utility value of altFINS will grow, thus attracting additional users.

A growing user base and fee revenues should drive more demand for AFINS token through staking and buybacks/burns. This could exert upward pressure on token price, further rewarding our community and ecosystem. 

Through such a feedback loop (adoption drives utility, which drives adoption...), AFINS token and our rewards program will spark a flywheel effect.

Token allocation

altFINS prioritizes its community and ensures fair distribution of tokens. At the start of the project, 100, 000, 000 $AFINS were created. While the network is fully functional and the tokens have immediate utility, all tokens distributed to Team, Reserve and Equity Holders will remain fully locked up for three months. The tokens will then be unlocked monthly for 12 months afterwards. For transparency, the breakdown of AFINS token allocation is outlined below: 


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AltFINS has started preparation for its token sale, with the private sale and public sale scheduled to begin soon.

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