Take this test: Focus is powerful, but it's also a liability

Author: Adam Button | Category: Education

Can you count how many times the girls in white shirts pass the basketball?

Don't read any further before watching the video.


There's a lesson here for market watchers:

We're often told, asked or warned to focus on a certain thing.

One way to avoid tunnel vision is to read more and investigate different sources. There is so much garbage and conjecture out there that won't make you money. Peter Schiff has been comically wrong about almost everything he's said over the past 5 years. But he' still worth listening to because he might jar your focus from into another area.

Overall, we have a profound overestimation of how much we're seeing and perceiving. In hindsight, US housing was like the gorilla, it was obviously there. Yet at the time almost everyone missed it.

Staying overly focused leads us to miss the obvious. Test and challenge your knowledge. Stay humble.

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