How to Spot a Market Top

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: Education

This is via an article in the Wall Street Journal title: How to Spot a Market Top

It begins generically enough with the sort of stuff you hear all the time:
  • A da Vinci sells for $450 million
  • one bitcoin is worth $7,700
  • 99-year-old Austria issues a 100-year bond at an interest rate of 2.1%
  • Clearly there is too much money in the world. That isn't new, but how long can it last?
  • With central banks scaling back stimulus, investments that appear attractive when interest rates are near, or below, zero suddenly look silly.
Then, some, errr ... wisdom:
  • The end may come soon, or the current investing nirvana could go on.
K, thanks.

But, then it gets better:...  walks through the risks and likely scenarios for markets in the coming months. It is ungated (I think), co check it out while we await Europe/UK action:

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