Not all mobile trading apps were created equal!

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A closer look at what eFXGO! has to offer

The internet today is geared towards mobile, from browsing your favorite websites to banking to online shopping. Everything is moving to mobile, and that includes trading forex and CFDs. Modern smartphones today are incredibly powerful and more than capable of running sophisticated trading tools.

Despite the advances in mobile technology, the experience of trading on a mobile device hasn't really improved that much over the last few years. Platform technology just hasn't kept up.

The vast majority of mobile devices' trading platforms seem to be a scaled-down version of the desktop platform. That scaling down removes a lot of the functionality and does away with many advanced features. That might have been fine in 1995, but we're in 2020, and modern traders deserve more.

One of our tasks as a forex and CFD broker is to offer our clients the best possible trading technologies, including mobile platforms. Our standards, when it comes to our trading technologies, is simple. Is it what we would have wanted as traders? If the answer to that is No, we go back to the drawing board until we have the best product for all our clients. That was the goal behind eFXGO! We wanted to build the best mobile trading app possible.

Drum roll, please. We did it!

Introducing eFXGO!, the mobile forex and CFD trading app your smartphone was built for.

eFXGO! isn't a scaled-down desktop platform. This is an advanced trading technology that was conceived and designed for mobile devices only. Everything about eFXGO! is about mobile trading.

- Optimized for mobile devices

- Native Android and iOS app

- Seamless sync with all EuropeFX systems

- Supports multiple asset classes

- Real-time quotes for all asset classes

- In-app technical analysis

- Economic calendar

- Advanced charting tools

- Multiple indicators

- Advanced trading types

eFXGO! offers the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to placing trade orders, including the ability to trade directly from charts. The app was built for mobile, so trade alerts come as standard, and the platform allows for precise entry and exit points on all your positions. Need to make a quick modification to an open position? We've got you covered. Think simple but powerful, and you'll start to get the idea.

We know what you're thinking. You're thinking about the learning curve to get to grips with the app. Valid question, but again, we've got you covered. If you're at all familiar with MT4, then you'll be at ease with eFXGO!

MT4 is popular for many reasons, one of which is the interface and ease-of-use. We've taken the same kind of approach and even for first-time users, eFXGO! will be instantly familiar. Plus, if you do get stuck for any reason, in-app support is available around the clock, five days a week.

eFXGO! syncs directly with the EuropeFX client area and all our other platform versions. That makes running and managing your trading accounts a breeze, and all the essential functions are never more than a click away.

The platform is only available as a native app on Google Play and the App Store for an added security layer. That security goes one step further with encoded and encrypted data transmission for your peace of mind.

Yes, there are other options for trading apps, but do you really want to trust your mobile trading experience to what are mostly add-ons to a desktop application? eFXGO! was designed and built to take advantage of the features of smartphones. It's all about optimizing the trading experience for mobile. Everything you can do on your desktop trading platform, you can do on eFXGO! only that much faster and that much easier.

If you'd like to experience what mobile trading was always meant to be like, sign up for a demo account with us and download eFXGO! for your Android or iPhone. You'll start to see mobile trading in a whole new light.

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