This has to be the real-life equivalent of riding a 100-bagger

Author: Adam Button | Category: Education

Getting on the perfect wave, and riding it all the way

The 100-bagger is a mythical creature in markets. It means making a single trade and earning 100 times your money. $1,000 into $100,000.

Yesterday, some Facebook puts went up 50x overnight but a truly mythical 100-banger is one that takes some time. One that tests the holder day after day, tempts him to take profits and yet he holds on for the mother of all trades.

For some inspiration, here is perhaps the greatest wave ever ridden, if not recorded.

Koa Smith rode this wave of the coast of Nambia for nearly 1.5 km in a two-minute and eight-second hypnotic adventure through eight barrels.

What's more impressive is that -- like a great trade -- this wasn't a fluke.

"Smith and many world-class surfers have mastered the art of reading weather charts to predict when and where the greatest sized ocean swells will hit. It's one thing to know they're coming, quite another to get to where the action is, and Smith is more than willing to drop everything in search of the perfect wave.

"He can be in one place one day, and you call him and he says, 'I'm taking off for Africa tomorrow,'" says Smith's publicist, Ryan Runke."

 And some inspiration for holding onto a great trade:

"There was a point where I was at four barrels and I was already like, 'This is amazing,'" he said. "It looked like the wave was over, but it formed again. I figured, the drone's there, I might as well stay on. And I was like, 'Whoa!' This went from a good wave to like a life-changing wave."

"My whole day surfing I try to envision that one dream wave that I want to experience. I picture it clearly. What it will look like. How it will feel. The emotions pouring out of me when the wave is complete. Then this happened."

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