Big news today!

Apple’s super-popular iPhone is finally coming to Verizon, the US’s largest mobile phone network.

APPL should soar, right?

Not so fast…The market has anticipated this announcement for many months and the stock has rallied as a result.

While Jane and John Q Public may pick up their papers this morning and rush to their PC’s to put in an order to buy Apple shares, hedge fund managers are likely saying “time to take a few chips off the table” and are happily planning to sell some shares to Jane and Jack .

Will they sell all their shares on a “buy the rumor/sell the news” scenario? Not on your life…

They’ll sell a portion, wait for a dip, and buy them back, improving their average price per share.

My suggestion is you do the same in the forex market.

If you are lucky enough to catch a strong trend, there is no rule that you need to book all your profits at once.

Take a few profits when market pressure seems to have reached extreme levels and reestablish your position on counter-trend moves. Rinse, repeat until the trend runs its course.