This article from the Wall Street Journal has a (tiny) bit more detail on the news we saw on Friday that Abe and his cabinet are to compile a ‘growth strategy’ before the July election. What’s also interesting in the article is where it says: “The fast pace of policy announcements is intended to keep Japanese voters engaged until national elections scheduled for July”. Could just have easily said that the fast pace of policy announcement is intended to keep the market engaged … They certainly have.

There is not much detail on what the ‘more stimulus’ to come actually is, but the article is nonetheless interesting. The Japanese upper house election is scheduled for July 11, 2013.

Abe Aide: More Stimulus to Kick In Before Election (Wall Street Journal articles are often gated, a Google news search on the headline may turn the article up somewhere else).

ADDED: Here you go – if you don’t have WSJ access, the article is also available on Fox Business: More Stimulus to Kick In Before Japanese Election