Add this to economic calendar today in Asia - likely we get China trade data (Sep)

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

If so, it'll be around 0200 GMT (that release time is flexible though)

The first data to hit will likely be the trade balance in yuan terms

China trade balance for September:

  • expected is CNY 266.05bn, prior was CNY 286.5bn

Exports y/y:

  • expected is +10.9%, prior was +6.9%
  • Note - this time last year the September exports figure came in weak (down 5.6% against an expected up 2.5%), so as this rolls out of the y/y the number should get a boost today

Imports y/y:

  • expected is +16.5%, prior was +14.4%

And, following, the numbers in USD terms

Trade balance:

  • expected is $ 38.00bn, prior was $ 41.92bn


  • expected is +10.0%, prior was +5.6%


  • expected is +14.7%, prior was +13.5%
Next week from China is September inflation (CPI and PPI), Q3 GDP and ... drumroll please ... the National Congress (a twice a decade event - this is big for leadership and reform announcements)


ps. In the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) morning note they say the time of release of the China trade data is 'unknown'.
They're right.