It was bound to happen if tariffs are put on all goods from China

Apple is saying that the proposed tariff list covers a wide range of Apple products. Since Pres. Trump proposes tariffs on an additional $267b which pretty much means all goods imported from China, that would make sense.

The current price is down -$1.20 or 0.54% at $221.90. Recall in August, the shares of Apple moved above $206 and that took the market capitalization above $1T.

This week Amazon briefly traded above the $1T market capitalization level at $2050 level. It is trading at $1953.67 today - nearly $100 from the week's high.

The Nasdaq - and major indices - are back in the red as the week comes to a close and the reality of the scope of the tariffs sinks in. Going from $50B to $500B is a steep increase.