What a huge data dump in the past half hour or so:

And mixed in there too was John Williams of the San Fran Federal Reserve ... part of what he said was:

Four rate hikes this year! ... Rubbish (IMO) ... but there you go!

Anyway, the capex data was OK, and the retail sales was a solid beat indeed


China PMI is very poor - this is the private survey

I was surprised by the official China PMIs yesterday, and a wee bit suspicious too ... and sure enough the resilience in those two has not been confirmed by the Caixin / Markit data just a few minutes ago.

AUD/USD .... sliding away:

And, by the way ... next week we get Q1 GDP from Australia. I wonder if the data we are getting through on these partial indicators (construction work, capex) is going to be enough to keep GDP in the positive. It'll be a close run thing.