An update on the lockdown on Australia's largest city of Sydney.

  • new cases reported for the previous 24 hours are 110, up from 78 the previous day

Of the new 110 cases 43 were circulation in the community for the whole of their infectious period. 110 is across the state, most in Sydney).

Since the peak of 112 a little over a week ago, numbers daily:

  • 89, 97, 65, 97, 111, 105, 98, 78 ... and now 110

Neighbouring state Victoria reported a daily case number today at 22 from 13 the previous day. Both NSW and Victoria are in lockdown. Sopuyth Australia is also in lockdown, which means around half of Australia's population currently is. As i posted earlier:

  • the vaccination rate is the worst in the OECD, Australia ranks 38 out of 38
  • the low vaccination rate was due to low supply but is now due to hesitancy amongst many in the population (not all).

The vaccination rate is expected to accelerate once more Pfizer doses become available.