An update on the lockdown on Australia's largest city of Sydney.

  • new cases reported for the previous 24 hours are 78.

Since the peak of 112 a little over a week ago, numbers daily:

  • 89, 97, 65, 97, 111, 105, 98, 78

Such a result is unlikely to have the local lockdown ending soon but given Sydney's approach, it'll be enough to avoid further tightening.

Meanwhile ... South Australia will go into lockdown from six o'clock (local time) tonight.

  • 3 new cases in the preceding 24 hours
  • 7-day lockdown at this stage
  • Delta strain
  • 1.77m people in the state placed in lockdown
  • total land area of SA is 983,482 square kilometres (379,725 sq mi, for comparison Texas is 261,232 sq mi & Germany is 137,847 sq mi)
  • fifth largest state by population

The new lockdown approach in Australia is stricter than it was in 2020 and earlier this year, given the virulence of the new strains its 'go early and go hard'.

Australia states map