The final readings for these two indicators for September. Still languishing incontraction.

Australia's two largest cities remain in lockdown, Melbourne's more strict than Sydnaey's.

The state of Victoria (where Melbourne is the capital city) has just reported the highest state totay for cases in a day at 1763, with the number of positive tests coming in at a whopping 2.8% (state of NSW at its worst was 1.3% in a day).

The spread of the outbreak is far from over, but the 'covid zero' policy has been well and truly abandoned in favour of racing to get the vaccination rate up to 80% double-dosed. The reasoning being that a high proportion of the population being double dosed with vaccine is going to drastically reduce the number of severe cases that might require hospitalisation, ventilation, and worse. NSW should hit 80% double by the middle of this month, Victoria by early November. Tahts the plan anyway.

AUD seems to be betting on the vax winning, its barely perturbed by high case counts now.

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