Some targets laid out by Morrison and the government

  • Phase A as is the current situation
  • Phase B is when 70% of the vaccine-eligible population is fully vaccinated both nationally and in that state/territory
  • Phase C is when the fully vaccinated target hits 80%
  • Only when reaching Phase C it can lead to extension of "travel bubbles" with other candidate countries

Morrison does say that they have not set a timetable to hit the above targets but given how things are progressing, it will take a while and is not likely to be met this year.

That said, one has to think that this road map will surely change depending on the virus situation and also how feasible it is to reach Phase C in a "reasonable" amount of time.

If this extends all the way through to 2023, that would be a rough blow to the Australian economy as it will lag other major economies rather significantly.