Exports have been holding up but dropped in January from December, via the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  • Exports of goods in January 2021 declined $3,047m (-9%) to $32,126m
  • Imports of goods in January 2021 declined $2,626m (-10%) to $23,372m
  • For January 2021 there is a goods trade surplus of $8,754m (original, current price, merchandise trade basis)

Key country movements:

• China declined $1,112m (-8%)
• Japan declined $735m (-17%)
• United States of America (USA) declined $616m (-33%)
• South Korea declined $33m (-2%)
• India increased $1m (0%)

Exports +13% y/y, imports -7% y/y


The prelim figures are, of course, subject to revision. Final monthly estimate for January will be published on 4 March.