I posted the survey expectations etc. here earlier: Economic data due from Asia today - China & Australia the focus

To save you a click:

  • Employment Change expected +20.0K, prior +27.9K
  • Unemployment Rate expected 5.6%, prior 5.6%
  • Full Time Employment Change, prior was -20.3K
  • Part Time Employment Change, prior was +48.2K
  • Participation Rate expected 65.1%, prior was 65.1%


This via ANZ:

We expect another solid rise of 20k jobs in August in after the 28k rise in July.

  • Business conditions remain high and the ongoing strength in job ads suggest that the labour market should continue to improve, albeit gradually.
  • We expect the unemployment rate to remain stable at 5.6%.

And, this from CBA:

The pace of jobs growth has accelerated over the year and the participation rate has risen which suggests that people are more confident about conditions in the jobs market.

  • We are expecting another solid 20k increase in the month.
  • This month's jobs report will also include the quarterly measure of underemployment. Given the pace of employment growth we would expect to see the underemployment rate come down a little.

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