1542 today. Authorities in the State expect the peak to come next week.

  • and the peak on ICU admissions to come in a month

Latest run of new daily cases:

  • 1288, 1431, 1533, 1485, 1281, 1220, 1480 1405, 1542

As the headline to the post says, though, State leaders are soon to remove some of the restrictions on the fully vaccinated. Once the fully Vaxxed rate hits 70% in the state (the Monday following hitting this target to be more accurate) the 'roadmap' will kick in, I posted on it yesterday:

This is expected within the next couple of weeks.

More restrictions will be lifted when the fully vaxxed rate hits 80%, projected on or around 16 October.

NSW is Australia's second-largest population state and the epicentre of the current outbreak. Neighbouring state Victoria is #2 in population and while its case count is not nearly so bad, its bad enough, 342 today. There has been no 'roadmap' released by Victoria.