Austria's situation provides encouragement for the rest of Europe

Austria began easing lockdown measures since the middle of April, gradually lifting restrictions over the past few weeks in reopening its economy. As of the latest update yesterday, the country reported 24 new cases as the curve flattens further towards zero.

Among the 15,551 total confirmed cases, an estimated 13,316 persons are reported to have recovered from the diseases as well - with 600 deaths reported in total.

Social distancing measures remain in place, as is the need to wear masks in shops and public transport, but daily life is slowly returning back to more normal conditions.

Restaurants will be allowed to reopen starting from the middle of the month (no more than 4 persons per table) with hotels/accommodations set to follow at the end of the month.

This should provide encouragement to other European countries that there is a blueprint to contain the outbreak and move forward from it.

That said, the reopening of regional and international borders is where things are going to get tricky. But that remains quite a distance away for now.