Beijing reported 9 new virus cases today, down from 22 cases yesterday

China's National Health Commission expert, Wu Hao, said that Beijing will see a 'cliff-like' drop in new coronavirus cases by the end of this week as efforts to control the spread of the outbreak in the capital are underway.

"If you control the source, and cut the chain of transmission, the number will have a cliff-like drop."

Adding that Beijing is not headed for a "flood-like" lockdown, unlike what happened with Wuhan in the early stages, with lockdown procedures to be more targeted this time.

I don't know if you can really call a drop from 9 cases to anything less than that as being a "cliff-like drop" but okay. In any case, as long as China reaffirms that this isn't going to lead to any large-scale lockdown, that will help with economic sentiment at least.