US President Biden speaking, addressing Russian election interference, hacking

  • says he takes responsibility as steward of US-Russia relationship seriously
  • we cannot allow a foreign power to intervene in US elections with impunity
  • says he told Putin the US had concluded Russia interfered in the US election
  • says he told Putin the US could have gone further with sanctions, but Biden chose not to do so
  • says if Russia makes further interference in US democracy, the US is prepared to respond
  • says he told Putin communication between the two of them was essential
  • says now is the time to de-escalate between Russia and Ukraine
  • Nord Stream 2 is still an issue in play

Biden's speech follows Wednesday evening US time news of fresh sanctions on Russia imminent:

ps. On Nord Stream 2 ... indications are the pipeline will proceed to completion. Not really 'in play' at all ... but hey, I could be wrong.