Yes folks, Mr K's presser now underway 21 Sept

Best get some more coffee on board.

  • BOJ will conduct policy in a flexible manner

AKA make it up as they go along

  • short term rate, long term yields to be policy target
  • won't hesitate to add stimulus if needed

Ah that ol' chestnut being wheeled out again.

  • options for more easing include lowering target yields
  • no change in stance to meet CPI target asap
  • will pursue stronger monetary easing than before to achieve 2% inflation asap
  • strong commitment to continue monetary easing until inflation exceeds 2%

Exceeds 2% when they can't even get it anywhere near so far? Yea right. Kuroda repeating the BOJ statement so far.

USDJPY seeing through the hot air mist and falls to 102.27. Did you all sell into that 102.80 area I highlighted earlier ?

Kuroda still searching for that 2% inflation target