the main event of the day was the full speed flattening of the Euro zone yield (at last) following the ECB announcement. Bund going up/schatz going down. Hence, the bund outperforming 10 y treasuries.
Bund sitting comfortably now above 122.32 resistance (122.60 now, 122.70 high) while 10 y T-notes are just above their 119.125/13.5 support(119.16 now 119.315 high).

In the stock arena FTSE is the only “winner” of the day while eurostoxx and dax are having troubles recovering from their earlier losses following morning stops. Us stocks did not accelerate so far on the downside providing so support to “risk” trades in the forex arena after the earlier bashing. Next week price action in the bond market should be of some importance for all markets as it will give some clues as how the market is viewing the recent actions by central banks. Have a good w-e