Brexit: Are we going to get a close vote later?

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

Word on the street certainly suggests so

The odds are no doubt stacked against Theresa May but based on how things are unfolding this morning, she may be in a position to possibly pull off an upset. There's talk of ERG members folding to back May and we're even seeing talk that Dominic Raab has come round and could possibly be backing the prime minister.

Even lawmakers themselves are tweeting that there's plenty of talk of Labour MPs potentially turning to vote with the Tories in order to get the withdrawal agreement through. Meanwhile, some reporters are noting that May could lose by just 20 votes.

The last defeat was by 149 votes so whatever the case is, this time around will be a lot closer. Traders are now having to factor in this potential possibility and we're seeing the pound recover with cable rising back up to 1.3070.

I reckon May is still headed for a defeat based on current numbers but it's going to be really close. If a couple more lawmakers start to jump ship, she could just be able to pull this off.

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