A tweet thread by euronews Europe correspondent, Shona Murray

"1/ EU #brexit source pours cold water on importance of @vonderleyen and @BorisJohnson meeting. 'Not a sign of breath through, just Inevitable that there would be some top level engagement at this stage in process.' "Weeks and week's to go yet.."2/ "EU not seeing the kind of movement from UK on issues (fish, LPF and state aid) that would be consistent with breakthrough and so I expect we'll go on into second half Oct/early Nov."

We're likely to get better clarity on the situation later if and when Barnier and Frost delivers their usual press conference following the week's negotiations.

It'll be important to suss out the tone between the two parties as it seems that the EU continues to be less optimistic of any chances of an immediate breakthrough.

Cable continues to chop around 1.2900-50 for the time being, but is still keeping a little higher on the day at least for now.