US budget deal:

  • Ryan says agreement is step in the right direction, ensures no government shutdown in January, October 2014
  • Sets FY 2014 discretionary spending at $1.012 tln
  • 2014 defense budget $520.5 bn
  • Non-defense discretionary at $491.8 bn
  • Murray says budget deal end patternin Congress of ‘lurching from crisis to crisis’ on fiscal affairs
  • Ryan says budget deal has support of House Republican leadership
  • Ryan sees budget deal passing in House of Reps with support from Republicans

This move towards fiscal certainty, to the extent it has a positive impact on the US economy (as I am sure it will, at least in the next few years) increases the chances of a taper sooner rather than later. Is December taper back on the table? I suspect so (if it was ever off it).