Analysts are looking 2.6% y/y for the November reading after 2.6% in October.

Cable’s holding just above 1.6200 with bids down in the low 1.6190’s shoring up the pair. Technical resistance towards the Oct 1 highs of 1.6218 is currently stalling a further rise, with talk of buy stops now through 1.6220 ahead of more offers towards 1.6250 ahead of tech resistance again up at 1.6270/75 (1.6273 Sept 28 high).

Not so sure were going to get too much interest from the CPI and PPI out in 25 mins , but an upwards surprise might finally spark some momentum into an otherwise painfully dull morning.

Now a break through 1.6310 (Sept 21 highs) would be a different story, but i’m not that optimistic.


GBP’s trading around 1.6218