Canada net change in employment for August 2020

Net change in employment
  • Prior report
  • Net change in employment 245.8K vs 250K estimate. Prior month 419K.
  • Full-time employment change 205.8 K vs. 73.2 K last month
  • Part-time employment change 40.0 K vs. 345.3 K last month
  • Unemployment rate 10.2% vs. 10.2% estimate. Last month 10.9%. The high watermark was 13.7% in May
  • Hourly wage rate permanent employees 6.0% vs. 5.3% estimate. Last month 5.7%
  • Participation rate 64.6% vs. 64.5% estimate. Last month 64.3%
  • employment is within 1.1 million of its pre-Covid February level
  • the number of Canadians who were employed but worked less than half their usual hours for reasons likely related to Covid 19 fell by 259K. This left Covid related absences from work at 713K above February levels
  • the total number of Canadian workers affected by Covid 19 economic shut down stood at 1.8 million. The peak was 5.5 million.
  • Service producing jobs added 218 K
  • goods producing jobs added 28KK
  • combination food services plus 49K
  • retail trade plus 14K
  • education services plus 51K. This was the 4th consecutive monthly increase in the largest since April as students return to school
  • other services increased by 38K
  • manufacturing +29K
  • natural resources minus 9K

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In contrast to last month most of the gains this month were in full-time employment. That is a good news. Having said that full-time employment stood at 93.9% of pre-pandemic levels. Part-time employment stands at 96.1%.