Canada retail sales for May 2020

  • Canada retail sales for May 18 .7% vs. 20.0% estimate. Year on year retail sales are down -18.4%
  • prior month came in at -26.4% but was revised to -25.3%. In March the index fell by -9.9%. Year
  • ex auto's 10.6% vs. 11.9% estimate. Prior month was revised from -22.0% to -20.7%. Year on year retail sales ex auto's are down -10.6%
  • motor vehicle and Parts dealers showed a gain of 66.3% month on month. But it is down -39.3% year on year
  • largest upside contributor on month was new car dealers category, +9.97%
  • largest downside contributor was the supermarkets, -0.83%
  • Toronto retail sales grew by 8.0% month on month. Montréal grew by 32.0%. Vancouver grew by 14.4%

Below is the chart of the month-to-month changes in retail sales

Month-to-month retail sales