Canadian retail sales data force timer 2021

Retail sales and change in subsectors
  • Prior report +2.1%
  • September retail sales -0.6% vs -1.7% estimate. Last month +2.1%. Year on year +4.8%
  • Ex auto 0.2% vs -1.0% estimate. Last month +2.8%. Year on year +1.0%
  • Ex Auto and Gas -0.3%. Last month +2.7%. Urine year +3.4%
  • Sales decreased in seven of 11 subsectors in September
  • motor vehicle parts felt -1.6% and new car dealer sales felt -2.8% amid the semiconductor chip short
  • clothing sales and accessories led the declines with a -5.9% fall as a result of lower sales at clothing stores -7.9%.
  • retail sales were up 2.7% in the third quarter which was the largest increase since the third 1:45 thousand 20
  • based on feedback 0.5% retails were closed at some point in September compared with 0.6% in August. This was the third straight month that less than 1% of retailers experienced closures
  • the advanced estimate for retail sales for October show a 1.0% gain

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Looking at a breakdown of the data, clothing and clothing accessory stores says showed a sharp fall of -5.9%. Food and beverage stores led the upside with a 1.3% gain for the month (last month they also rose up 4.8%). Furniture and home furnishings were also up 1.3% (that erased some of the -2.4% decline last month)

A breakdown of the Canada retail sales