Carl Ichan goes on a rant about the United States

Eamonn highlighted the video that Carl Ichan published on his website. If you haven't seen it yet, it's well-produced and touches on a lot of the hot-button topics that have been simmering for awhile.

He makes a few points:

  1. Donald Trump will stand up to the wealthy and end tax loopholes for the rich, that's essential
  2. Corporate taxes on repatriating foreign income need to end
  3. Short-term thinking is dominating corporate boardrooms
  4. QE has led to financial engineering, earnings right now are misleading
  5. The Fed is creating bubbles and needs to raise rates
  6. High yield is being pushed on mom and pop investors, it won't end well
  7. A time is coming that might make previous crisis' look pleasant
  8. Politicians and CEOs have taken advantage of the system